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Support available for magistrates  

Are you considering volunteering as a magistrate but want to learn more about available support? Read our blog to find out more.

If you decide to become a magistrate, you will help ensure the law is upheld and have the power to make vital decisions on various cases.   

Your good sense of fairness, ability to listen, and knowledge to make rational judgements are the qualities we look for in candidates.   

While you don’t need any legal training before applying, you can expect legal advice and guidance at all times.

Once you join, we will support you throughout your journey to help you succeed in your new role.   

The support we provide includes the following:   

  • Advice from a qualified legal advisor. They will ensure you follow the correct guidelines, procedures and the law.  
  • Two other magistrates will work alongside you – one of which will be the lead magistrate that will speak on behalf of magistrates in court.  
  • A mentor to help you learn and develop as you settle into the role.  

You will also receive training in your local area and through the Judicial College. This training will be delivered through some face-to-face sessions, as well as via online learning, which includes:   

  • An initial half-day training session.   
  • A three or five-day introductory training programme.  

Once you have completed your first year as a magistrate, refresher training will continue throughout your service.  

Our training is free, and you can claim allowances for certain expenses such as travel costs – whether from driving, cycling or taking public transport.  

Rest assured, if you become a magistrate, we will ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the role.   

Are ready for the challenge and to make a positive difference in your community?